Sunday 7 November 2021

Art Journal Page for Paper Artsy

Hi everyone, I'm here to share my interpretation of the topic Tiny (News) Print for Paper Artsy.

This is one of my favourite ways to create a background whether it be on canvas, in my art journal or even making cards. Each time it comes out a little different depending on the paper you use.

I first start by ripping up dictionary paper (this is my tiny (news) print! I have adhered it to the page using matte medium.  I have covered the entire art journal page with these papers.

I have then randomly painted the following colours onto a 12x12 Paper Artsy super smooth heavy cardstock tangerine TwistZesty ZingBubble GumDirty Lime and Red Lipstick.  Once dry I have placed it into the misti so I can stamp the flowers.


Fresco Finish - Dirty Lime {Tracy Scott}   Fresco Finish - Tangerine Twist {Tracy Scott}Fresco Finish - Bubble GumFresco Finish - Zesty ZingFresco Finish - Red Lipstick

I have used Stamp EKC48 by Kay Carley.  I like to stamp in the Misti as you can restamp the image if it isn't clear enough.

Eclectica³ {Kay Carley} 48

I then fussy cut them all out!

 At this stage I like to make the colours pop and have used Prismacolour pencils over the top.

I have then adhered them to the page using matte medium



I have used a stabillo All pencil to highlight and add a texture look to some of the paper joins as well as a shadow around the flowers.  I have stamped some twigs coming up from the pot and round the layout.  I have added some white paint pen to the twigs.  I have used a quote from stamp set EKC44 - "Its your time to bloom".  

                                                       Eclectica³ {Kay Carley} 44

Once everything was dry I have added some gel pens and glitter glue to the flowers - everything looks better with a bit of bling!!!

Here are some close up photos

I hope you have been able to follow the process of making this page and give it a go yourself.  I love the texture this page has with the dictionary pages, cut out flowers and glitter.

Lynn xx

Monday 23 August 2021

Paper Artsy Blog - Christmas Cards - My Fav Colour

  2021 Topic 10: My Favourite Colour

Hi everyone, i am with you today, to share with you a sample of christmas cards that I have made for Paper Artsy - Too early for Christmas you say??????? I find the closer to December it gets, the busier I get, so if I can get a chance to make them now why not!!!

This topic - my favourite colour - speaks christmas to me.  I love bright colours and red, yellow and green go well with Christmas!

I began with a piece of heavy smooth cardstock and added colour one by one.  The first colour I put down was London Bus - I have done this by adding the colour to my glass mat and then spritzing with water.  I have used a large round brush, filling it up with the paint and then splatting it in 9 areas which will form the centre of my card (splats).

I did this on a second piece of cardstock but with a smaller brush to get a more overall wash of dots (splatter).

Once the paint was dry I have done the same procedure using Banana and Dirty Lime.  I have added a touch of Cerise into the splatter page.  Make sure each layer of paint is dry before adding the next one.  I haven't worried about the wayward splotches as they all add to the effect.

I have then stamped the images onto the paper using the stamp set from Lin Brown Eclectica 11

I have used permanent black ink for the splatter page

I have embossed with a black sparkle embossing powder on the big splat page

I have cut each image out and edged with ink - I have used elements inks but any matching permanent ink will work

I have then backed each card with matching cardstock and added some stickles and liquid pearls.  Before the liquid pearls dried I have sprinkled with some glitter - nothing like some christmas sparkle!!!!!

I have then added adhered this to a folded card and all is done.

I hope this has inspired you to create some christmas cards in your favourite colour before the silly season is here and time has run out.

Lynn xxxxxx




Sunday 6 June 2021

Art Journal Page for Paper Artsy

 2021 Topic 6: Mandala Mix

Hi everyone, it's Lynn Good (Memories on the page) with you today, and I'd like to share with you an art journal page that I have created for the top "Mandala Mix".

I was immediately drawn to the technique that I love - colour, stamping and then blacking out the background.  This was taught by Tracy Scott when she came to Australia (Pre Covid times!!).  At the time, the class I did was the same technique but we blocked out the unwanted areas in white.  Later I did black and find that the contrast is something that definately makes my heart skip a beat.

I love the process of putting down the colour and having that "ugly" stage and then drawing it all together with paint pens - I have stage by stage photos below;

I started with Fresco Chalk paints and using my finger added lots of little areas on the journal page

I have them stamped my images directly onto the page.  I have used Stamp TS055

I have not worried that my stamping is not 100% accurate.I have alot of line work to do which will fix it - and after the paint pens you wont notice.

The next step is to black out the areas around the stamping - for this I have used "Little Black Dress"

Once the black paint is dry I have used a white paint pen to highlight the petals and add dots around the flowers.

I have also used colour pencils to highlight the flowers and black paint pen to highlight the black areas.   This is the process that I find so enjoyable.  It is relaxing, it brings the page together by highlighting the flowers.

The final stage is to add all the circles in the black areas.  This has been done with moonlight gel pens and again very therapeutic.  

I find this type of journalling fantastic - it gives me a great sense of completion and the pop of colours make me smile.   I encourage you to have a go and I hope it makes you smile like it has me.

I look forward to seeing what you have created.



Friday 30 April 2021

Find your Vibe - art Journal Page for Paper Artsy

Hi today  I'd like to share with you an art journal page that I have created for the topic  "Find your Vibe" at Paper Artsy.

This got me thinking - do I have a "style" and I dont really think I do, but what I did realise is that mixed media and bright colour is what came easy to me. 

I had no idea where the page was going to start - you know that "Break a blank page" problem!  So I decided to do what makes me happy and I stamped some writing onto tissue using JOFY89 and JM10

I have torn this up and adhered to my page using matte medium. I have used a page that I had already adhered some coloured tissue and tissue stamped with JOFY98 stamp. Once the tissue was dry I randomly added some gesso using a spatala. 

I have stamped and fussy cut flowers from JOFY98 which I have coloured with my favoured paints - Cherry Red and Zesty Zing.  Once the paint was dry I have highlight areas of with coloured pencil as well as added the pencil to outside of the flowers to create shadow and the illusion of depth.

I stamped the sentiment from the set - JOFY98 and I felt it was how I was feeling at the start of the page - hoping it was going to work out!!!!!!  But generally if you go with what makes you happy (mixed media and colour for me) you cant go wrong :)

I have added some white paint pen to the flowers and glitter on the centres as final touches.

I hope that you have found some inspiration to have a go at this topic - share it on facebook and instagram.  

Lynn Good