Sunday 6 June 2021

Art Journal Page for Paper Artsy

 2021 Topic 6: Mandala Mix

Hi everyone, it's Lynn Good (Memories on the page) with you today, and I'd like to share with you an art journal page that I have created for the top "Mandala Mix".

I was immediately drawn to the technique that I love - colour, stamping and then blacking out the background.  This was taught by Tracy Scott when she came to Australia (Pre Covid times!!).  At the time, the class I did was the same technique but we blocked out the unwanted areas in white.  Later I did black and find that the contrast is something that definately makes my heart skip a beat.

I love the process of putting down the colour and having that "ugly" stage and then drawing it all together with paint pens - I have stage by stage photos below;

I started with Fresco Chalk paints and using my finger added lots of little areas on the journal page

I have them stamped my images directly onto the page.  I have used Stamp TS055

I have not worried that my stamping is not 100% accurate.I have alot of line work to do which will fix it - and after the paint pens you wont notice.

The next step is to black out the areas around the stamping - for this I have used "Little Black Dress"

Once the black paint is dry I have used a white paint pen to highlight the petals and add dots around the flowers.

I have also used colour pencils to highlight the flowers and black paint pen to highlight the black areas.   This is the process that I find so enjoyable.  It is relaxing, it brings the page together by highlighting the flowers.

The final stage is to add all the circles in the black areas.  This has been done with moonlight gel pens and again very therapeutic.  

I find this type of journalling fantastic - it gives me a great sense of completion and the pop of colours make me smile.   I encourage you to have a go and I hope it makes you smile like it has me.

I look forward to seeing what you have created.